4 categories to shop from at Kirkpatrick includes leather shoulder holsters

Kirkpatrick is an ideal site to buy holsters. The employees there work with uttermost dedication and love for the holster and its soon-to-be-owner. In this article, we will look at the Excellency of Kirkpatrick holsters along with 4 categories to shop from at the same time.


Excellent holsters at Kirkpatrick


Cross draw holsters, shoulder holsters, mag pouches, premium OWB and IMB, leather holsters from 1911, sig Sauer and Glock, etc are the items you will find at Kirkpatrick leather. From start to end, all the holsters are made by professionals which automatically states them to be of premium quality each. The leather is exclusively from American origins that are trusted and well-known. The brand does not need to prove their customers with proof as their 70 years of experience does all the work.

By choosing Kirkpatrick for buying holsters, you won’t only get a durable holster but its charm will surely help you step in the spotlight. The workers of Kirkpatrick appreciate your trust and choice for choosing them over other holster sellers.



4 categories to shop from at Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick is not your usual brand that was established 2-5 years ago. Kirkpatrick is one of the top leading brands for holsters such as cross-draw holsters, shoulder holsters, etc. the brand was founded 70 years back in the United States. Among many reasons to shop from Kirkpatrick, one would be its quality. While Kirkpatrick provides you with not only the best but great quality in holsters, the designs for holsters are no less than masterpieces.

Following are the 4 categories at Kirkpatrick:

  • 1911 leather holsters – the category includes breathtaking designs for leather shoulder holsters, Premium IWB and OWB. These holsters are usually for carrying daily along with you. They are entirely comfortable to move around with perfect swift to draw and use.
  • Custom leather holsters – As already mentioned, Kirkpatrick also takes orders for custom leather holsters meaning, if you wish to get a holster with your ideas then Kirkpatrick would be more than glad to serve you. If you need help, the creators at Kirkpatrick are friendly enough to guide you and help you decide the best for yourself.
  • Ready to ship holsters – a special deal right here! You will not be asked to pay the extra shipping fees for certain gun holsters. The list includes Glock, Sig Sauer, S&W and most of the 1911 guns. These holsters require less time to arrive at your doorstep because they are manufactured beforehand in stock.
  • Cowboy gun holsters – if you got single or double handguns with yourself then cowboy gun holsters at Kirkpatrick would be highly suitable. The variety displayed in front of you will surely leave you in a daze.

How to contact Kirkpatrick customer care?


The contact information may be required at times when you face a problem with the delivery or with the product. Issues regarding payment and other various topics can arise too and so, to resolve all of them, all you have to do is reach out to the customer service. The information about numbers, email, etc is always updated and presented on the very first page of the official site.

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