Be more conscious of WiDi Technology

Almost everybody has heard about the “Home Entertainment PC” (HTPC) and individuals are quickly understanding media center extenders that may be a musician, pictures and video in your TV. But there’s one segment that is not getting just as much attention, and for me is the best all. Apple Wireless Display (WiDi) technologies have been out for more than a year, and it is now in the second generation. With WiDi, you do not need another computer mounted on your TV, you do not need a web server streaming to a 3rd party media center extender, you just need your laptop. WiDi is hardware faster wireless streaming of the computer’s display and seem towards the TV.

WiDi is principally meant for laptop users because it permits them to take a seat on the couch and employ their TV his or her laptop screen. Other ways of using this method have been in existence for a long time, and also have usually involved either plugging your laptop to the TV or streaming via a media center extender box. Plugging your laptop was a discomfort, and needs a lengthy cable. Media streamers and media center extenders are often slow, costly, require another computer to do something like a server, and may only do limited things. There’s also a couple of 3rd party solutions for streaming video towards the TV, however they typically involve SW transcoding that is CPU intensive. This limits the abilities from the video stream in addition to bogging lower laptops along the way.

What’s great about WiDi is the fact that all you need to do is push a control button around the laptop and also the display is instantly transmitted towards the TV. It’s easily. As this is accomplished mainly in hardware, without software processing, the CPU continues to be largely free related to while you please. So that you can surf the net, watch movies online, read a document, or other things you need to do on the pc out of your couch while using TV and residential entertainment system. WiDi 2. will quickly support full Dolby 5.1 Surround too, something many media center extenders lack. However that the separate receiver box is essential around the TV side to get the signal, plus they usually choose around $100. This really is still less cash than the usual media streamer while offering a lot more versatility. There’s also a tiny bit of lag between your movements around the laptop screen and also the movements around the TV. This will make it hard to play certain video games. If WiDi technology gains recognition, you will see ample incentive for Apple to deal with the lag issue later on versions.

For me WiDi technology surpasses media streamers and HTPC (unless of course you’re recording tv using the latter). It’s simpler and much more versatile than the usual media streamer, and cheaper and much more efficient than the usual HTPC. Utilize it to experience your ripped DVDs around the TV, among other activities.


And So I was ready to write this short article about how great WiDi technologies are, after which along comes WHDI. WHDI corrects the shortcomings of WiDi and adds an enormous key advantage. The fundamental premise is identical, wireless transmission of the laptop’s screen towards the TV together with audio. While WiDi provides a nice integrated solution while using existing wireless nick within the laptop, the lag because of hardware compression from the video stream makes doing offers around the TV in the computer virtually impossible. WHDI rather provides an uncompressed, lag free video stream from your exterior device that attaches to both USB and HDMI ports from the laptop. No special laptop hardware is needed, also it does not even really should be considered a laptop whatsoever. Anything having a USB and HDMI connection works, Tablets, mobile phones, anything. Since there’s without any lag, anything has become possible, even games. Around I needed to like WiDi, there’s just no making your way around the truth that WHDI offers the answer

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