How are pdf converters classified?

You would have come across several situations using pdfs and other files of the content of any type. It can be for academic purposes or professional purposes. PDFs play a vital role in this digital era. A pdf file cannot be altered easily and this advantage is the major reason for the wider popularity of the storage format. However, the disability to edit easily is also being one of the disadvantages in some cases as you could not edit even if an edit is needed. To overcome this disadvantage, several pdf to word doc converters are there in the market. All you should do is get access to any of these converters and upload your files to proceed with the conversion process. However, you will find several varieties of such converters as follows.

Types of pdf converters

The pdf converters are of the following categories or types.

Based on the mode of usage

  1. Online pdf converters

If the pdf converter is available online for direct usage with the internet, it is known as an online pdf converter. You need not download any software to convert your files into pdf documents. Instead, you can simply open the website of that provider and upload your documents to get them converted into the desired format.

  1. Downloadable pdf converters

Another type of pdf converter is the downloadable category. As the name suggests, these pdf converters can be accessed only by downloading the software. For instance, you would have to purchase access to the software and download it once from the web. After downloading, you can use it as ordinary software installed on your computer. Some of these tools will require an internet connection even after downloading, while the majority will not require internet. However, you should have the necessary storage space on your computer to install the software.

Based on pricing

  1. Priced software

You may also find some pdf converters that can be accessed only by paying a predefined fee. It can be either a subscription model asking a monthly fee or a one-time payment model that will not ask you to pay regularly. However, these tools will offer you a set of enhanced features that could do several things other than mere conversion. You can find paid tools in both online and offline versions.

  1. Free converters

As the name suggests, these pdf converters are free of cost. If it is an online converter, you can simply go to the website and convert the files. In the case of downloadable software, you can do so without paying anything. However, there are chances for the tools to have only limited features.

  1. Free with a subscription model

You may also find a third variety of pdf converters that combines both the above-mentioned models. These converters will let you use the tools for free to some extent and will ask you to subscribe for better usage of the same tools with extended features. You can also find tools that are free for a certain period.

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